Child Psychology


We adults often forget that children are just little grown-ups. They have their own hopes, dreams, fears and worries. The world can seem overwhelming for our little ones, especially in times of uncertainty like during a relationship break up, death of a loved one or chronic physical illness.

School can also be a trying place for many children. Kids that don’t do well academically and/or socially run the risk of being negatively labelled which can harm their self-esteem and innate curiosity. There can be many reasons children perform below expectation, many of which are not obvious. An experienced child psychologist can help parents that wish to investigate the underlying causes of their child’s behaviour both in the home and school environments. This leads to greater understanding and the ability to make better informed decisions based on solid evidence.

All our clinical staff are experienced child psychologists. We have been working with children since Dr Pamela Seaton founded Regional & Rural Mental Health Services in 2006. Our psychologists will take the time to build rapport and get to know your child and their specific situation and needs. They will also work closely with you, the parents, as you know your child best.

Psychological services we can offer your child include:

  • Psychological Assessments such as Cognitive Assessment, Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Assessment, Functional Assessment, ADD/ADHD Assessment, Dyslexia Testing, Behavioural Assessment including Behaviour Support Plan Development and Psychological Screening.

  • Psychological Therapy which is fun and engaging for your child and helps build rapport between child and therapist increasing therapeutic benefit.

  • Behavioural Interventions for children with developmental disorders such as ASD and ADHD.

  • Early Intervention for children with developmental disorders such as ASD.

  • NDIS funded psychological services